Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Aches and (Labor) Pains of Being a Red Sox Fan this Spring

So there has been a tightness in my chest and a pit in my stomach that has been missing this spring. Perhaps a Yankee fan out there has spotted them? Seriously, I can't recall the last spring where baseball was just fun for me. Alright, actually I can. 1997. But it feels like F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I just don't have that sinking feeling in my gut every time I check a Red Sox score. I wash my Red Sox shirts on a regular basis, rally caps have been cast assunder and Jeter voodoo dolls shelved... for now. The smack talk has even taken a brief reprieve.

I'm sure come post- All Star break, the pit will slowly start to grow in my gut, and I may have trouble catching my breath come the 5th inning of a game. I don't think I could consider myself a true fan if the symptoms didn't return. I suspect the smack talk will return sooner.

As for the superstitions- it's just not baseball without them. I must confess, I have already caved in that category. And it's not the Jeter voodoo dolls. My second daughter was born exactly one month after Game 4 of the World Series. Coincidence? Most likely. But one can never be too sure. My husband and I are expecting our third child early November. Go Sox!


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