Thursday, September 30, 2004


Hey All,

This is a little experiment, per se, that I'm conducting in my spare time. Should you have found your way here from Always Amazin', be assured that there will be some Mets content here from time to time.

However, I started this site to primarily act as a forum for my other interests and ideas aside from the boys in orange and blue (which are many). In addition, I also wanted to have a place I could post with a few friends (and construct some dialogue), things I could not do over at the big Double A. Consequently, there's going to be a good deal of Red Sox ramblings flowing through here. Also if you're a fan of any portion of pop culture, from Futurama to Stephen King, I imagine you'll find a pretty happy home here. Thankee-sai.

So take your time, grab a cuppa joe, and relax. Welcome to Doc Baseball.

I hope you visit, visit often, and enjoy.