Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Beltran A Met?

I'm posting this here because this little corner of the internet has "less credibility" (whatever that means) than Always Amazin' is supposed to have, despite the fact that they're both written by the same hack of a blogger.

NYFS is reporting that the Mets have reached a deal with Carlos Beltran. I really, really want to believe this is true but considering how wrong they were on Moises Alou, this is just too big a story for me to comment on over at without any additional confirmation (and since I'm not a reporter, I really don't have the time to follow this up).

I hope they're right, not only for the Mets' sake, but because it would finally give NYFS, a site I dearly love for their minor league coverage, the credibility it needs to compete with the big boys of the NY media.

If they're wrong, however, they're going to need a Mo Vaughn sized towel to wipe all the egg from their faces. And I'm going to mourn from now until spring training for my team.


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