Friday, October 29, 2004

An Open Letter To The Mets

Blogger's Note: I'm reprinting this post I put up earlier on Always Amazin' (in response to this Newsday article) so it will get more exposure. The Mets are on the verge of having another disasterous offseason and I simply can not, will not, sit by and watch it happen this time.

I seriously cannot believe Minaya would consider Sosa, this coming just a day after we finally rid ourselves of Mo Vaughn. The worst thing about Vaughn's contract was that it hindered the Mets from using that money to improve themselves in other areas. Now we're going to take that freed up capital and plow it into another aging, risky former slugger and count on him having another bounce back year? Ridiculous! If this was any reasonable business the mere mention of a proposal like that would be enough to get someone fired.

And as for trading Reyes, it just further demonstrates that the Mets are willing to show no patience with young, cheap prospects. Taking chances with prospects is low risk; if they fail, you can easily go out and find a replacement (possibly even another prospect) and you won't be handicapped financially. Taking a chance with an expensive veteran is high risk; not only are you stuck with them on your roster (Mo Vaughn had to be kept on the 40 man for all of last year) but if you release them, they still get paid. The Mets inability to grasp this fundamental concept is why they have failed for the past three years and why they will continue to fail if they continue down this path.

There's my rant for today. I'm going to have more of this over the weekend but for now I encourage every one of you to write a letter to the Mets with the following short, simple message:

To Fred Wilpon, Jeff Wilpon, Omar Minaya,

As a long time Met fan and customer, I am concerned about the rumors in the media on the Mets possibly trading for Sammy Sosa and trading away Jose Reyes. These are the same types of deals that have failed so miserably for the Mets over the past few years. I would prefer that you keep the prospects we have and let them play rather than spending my hard earned cash on yet another risky, expensive veteran.

I love coming out to Shea and rooting for my team but not when it's stocked with expensive players past their prime. Please, this season, let the kids play and I'll gladly come and cheer them on.


(Your Name Here)

How about we send several hundred of these to the Mets front office? Send this to all the Met buddies you know. And maybe, just maybe, we can make our voices heard.

I'll copy this post and put it up on Doc Baseball too so it gets into Baseball Blogs. My other post will be up there this weekend. TGIF y'all.


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