Sunday, October 24, 2004

Unfinished Experiments, Vol. 2

For those of you who haven't heard, Stephen King has been writing a book on the current Red Sox season, due to come out sometime next year. It's to be called "Faithful" and, obviously, it doesn't have an ending yet. But boy, it's already going to be one heck of a bestseller thanks to the ALCS. Ka-ching!


Silly Spankees, even on the verge of collapse they were cocky enough to think the whole thing was a big joke. Trotting out Bucky Fucking Dent to throw the first pitch.

Yeah, and offering Warner and Henry the Babe Ruth suite to watch the game. So fucking smug. How's that shit working out for you now, Georgie?

If you haven't read Soxaholic's coverage of the Sox in the playoffs (heck if you haven't read Soxaholic period) you're seriously missing out. You can start with the playoff strips here.


Is anyone else just a tad bit concerned that the seventh game of the World Series is on Halloween? If there is a seventh game, King should get to throw out the first pitch. How great would that be?

I think all Mets fans should all start writing in to Fox praising Al Leiter for his witty, insightful, and photogenic commentary so the Mets don't resign him next year.

Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong was one of the funniest baseball TV ads I've seen since the Randy Johnson dodgeball spot. The Sox Fan/Yankee Fan Dunkin Donuts radio ad was pretty funny too.

People joke about Boston erecting a giant, bronze David Ortiz statue in Kenmore Square if the Sox win the series but Ortiz should seriously start practicing his poses. Every single player on that team will be canonized if they win.

Ball-Wonk has a pick a new name for the Expos poll up. How about the Washington Interns? Washington Wonkettes? (kidding, kidding)

Maybe it's just me but does anyone else out there think that Jeanne Zelasco desperately needs a new co-anchor. Seriously. There is no-one more annoying on the face of the earth than Kevin I-managed-the-Red-Sox-once Kennedy. Yes, Kevin, we know and you sucked so get over it. The only thing that would have been worse than having Kennedy in Boston is having the Sox play the Astros and Roger Clemens (who he also managed). Thank god for small miracles.

Ahhhhh....remember this scary thing I posted to last time? It's not quite so scary anymore, is it? It's soooooooo wonderful when the arrogant and obnoxious fall. For full effect, go back to the start of the ALCS and soak it all in. Make sure you check out all the comment threads too. It's kind of like watching a car crash in slow motion; you fear to watch and yet you cannot turn away.


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