Friday, November 12, 2004

Hair Of The Dog

I'm originally from Albany, NY (Colonie if you want to be precise) and even though I live in Manhattan now, I still head upstate fairly often to visit (plus I just got a season pass to Gore Mountain, woohoo!)

Being from the Capital District, I would be exceptionally remiss if I didn't throw out a plug for Hair of the Dog, one of the best Irish Bands I've ever heard (and I lived in Boston for eight years). They frequently play at McGeary's in Albany and The Parting Glass, a fabulous bar in Saratoga Springs. They have a complete schedule up on their website and will be playing multiple times from now until the end of the year.

As an amusing side note, Rick Bedrosian also reviews movies on the band's website making for a unique source of cinematic entertainment if you're at a loss for something to rent.

So if you happen to be heading home for the holidays or live in the area, make sure you check them out! Cheers!


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