Monday, November 01, 2004

So That's How They Did It

Why does this fail to surprise me? (From the Rocky Mountain News via Fark):

So how did the Boston Red Sox really beat the New York Yankees?

According to first baseman Kevin Millar, the team had an ally named Jack Daniel.

On Friday's edition of Fox's Best Damn Sports Show Period, Millar noted it was about 35 degrees at Yankee Stadium before Game 6.

"I got a thing of Jack Daniel's and we all did shots for about 10 minutes before the game. And we won," Millar recalled.

"So Game 7 came and we had to do shots of Jack Daniel's. And we won the game."

Millar said he was thankful the Red Sox won the World Series in four games "because the Jack Daniel's shots were starting to kill me."


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