Sunday, November 21, 2004


Last week I renewed my Jose Reyes sponsorship on Baseball Reference and, feeling guilty over not contributing more to my favorite procrastination tool, decided to sponsor Eric Valent and Braden Looper as well.

I went through pretty much all of the current Mets roster to see who was sponsored and who wasn't. There still are a few players who could make the team in 2005 still available:

Jason Phillips: $10
Jeff Keppinger: $10
Craig Brazell: $10
Joe Hietpas: $10
Steve Trachsel: $15
Tom Glavine: $95
Jae Weong Seo: $10
Matt Ginter: $5
Tyler Yates: $10
Mike Stanton: $15
Heath Bell: $10

Glavine's price is more expensive because his page is viewed more often. The price will drop by $5/day until it's taken though. I was considering sponsoring Gogs too but I didn't want to be greedy (although if he's not sponsored by spring training, I probably will. Even if he's traded.) Generally, sponsoring isn't that expensive and it supports a great cause for all of us baseball junkies. If you have paypal, it takes all of five minutes to do. You get control of the page for a year and have the option to renew before it comes up to public auction again.

So check 'em all out and support BR. It's one of the best baseball sites on the web and we need to keep it around for a long, long time.


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