Monday, November 01, 2004

When "JD" Isn't Short for Johnny Damon

Bart: What did you do, screw up like the Beatles and say you were bigger than Jesus?

Homer: All the time. It was the title of our second album!

According to the Fark thread Jay directed us to earlier, talk radio in Boston is already having a field day with Kevin Millar's claim that Sox players all had a nip of Jack Daniels before each of the last six games of their rousing postseason.

Did we need to know this? *Sigh* No, no we didn't. Is it that big a deal? No, no it's not.

Millar didn't say that the Sox were stealing signs with a well-placed set of binoculars in center field. He didn't acknowledge any pre-game conversations with Pete Rose. And he didn't vow to find the real killers. Probably a lot of parents could have done without having to explain this morsel of information to their children. What is equally probable, however, is that these same parents are up to the task, assuming their children even ask.

If you have to give the same interview over and over, as many of the Red Sox players have in the past week, sooner or later you'll surprise yourself and your audience with an unfortunate exaggeration. The Beatles, unsubstantiated claims of divinity aside, are still remembered for their music. The 2004 Red Sox, overstated libational indulgences aside, will be remembered for what they did on the field.


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