Monday, March 28, 2005

Enter The MetsGeek

In case, you haven't seen it yet over at AA, I made a little announcement. Woohoo!

Today I'm proud to announce the arrival of MetsGeek, a great new Mets analysis and information site formed through the collaborative efforts of myself and several members of the Mets blogging community, including:

Matt Gelb of Gogs is the Greek God of Geeks
Ricardo Gonzalez (OFF) of Negative Seconds
Damien Heath of Shea Daily
Andrew Hintz of Chuck 'n' Duck
Jeremy Heit of Jeremy Heit's Blog
Michael Oliver of The Metropolitans
Eric Simon of SaberMets and Amazin' Avenue

To start you off today, Andrew has a fantastic interview with Bob Klapisch and the first part of a blogger roundtable on the Mets terrific offseason. There will be plenty of material and banter on a daily basis. I'll continue to blog here as always but I'll have extra content up on Metsgeek every week. Hope you come to enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed talkin' baseball with all these guys.


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