Monday, February 21, 2005

Attention Omar Minaya

From Peter Gammons' most recent ESPN column:

There's also Byung-Hyun Kim, who actually has thrown the ball better thus far this spring than he has the last two years. The Kim who pitched in Arizona would be another welcome addition, but there are layers of issues that cloud his return to Boston. More likely, he will end up being traded to one of the teams that intend to come watch him this spring, among them the Mets, Astros, Brewers, Rockies and Dodgers. But with the concerns about the use of Timlin and Embree the last two years, the Sox will not give Kim away if he can pitch in the seventh or eighth inning.

Gammons is, if anything, grossly understating Kim's potential. He's clutch. He's a tremendous clubhouse presence. Highly coachable. You are getting sleepy. BK is the kind of talent that thrives in the bright lights of the major markets. The Mets are just one piece away. Very sleepy. And that missing piece is Byung-Hyun Kim. You can't afford to let the Brewers scoop him up. That would shift the balance of power in the National League. You are now completely relaxed. Hurry, Omar. Before it's too late.

Dammit, how does Billy Beane do it, anyway?


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