Monday, March 28, 2005

Gleeman's Challenge

I came a bit late to this party and it's a bit similar to something I had done before, but here's an unedited shuffle of all the stuff on my iTunes. I make no apologies for the showtunes. So there.

Name Artist
1 Midnight Rambler [Live] The Rolling Stones
2 Last Ride In Green Day
3 Devils Haircut Beck
4 I Will Follow U2
5 Get Ur Freak On Missy Elliot
6 Take Me Or Leave Me Rent: Broadway Cast
7 King of Pain The Police
8 Where The Streets Have No Name U2
9 Time Is On My Side The Rolling Stones
10 Freedom 90 George Michael
11 Come Downstairs And Say Hello Guster
12 Reset Big Boi
13 Long Ago and Far Away James Taylor
14 Flaming Moe's The Simpsons
15 Get Gone Fiona Apple
16 Short Skirt/Long Jacket Cake
17 A Man I'll Never Be Boston
18 Hitchin' A Ride Green Day
19 Mosh Eminem
20 Behind Blue Eyes The Who
21 Apocalypse Please Muse
22 Why Don't You Get a Job? The Offspring
23 Swords Crossed Pirates Of The Caribbean
24 Live With Me The Rolling Stones
25 Modern Woman Billy Joel
26 Overture / And All That Jazz Chicago: Soundtrack
27 Self-Esteem The Offspring
28 Keep Yourself Alive Queen
29 The Waiting Tom Petty
30 Mr.Cab Driver Lenny Kravitz
31 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) Dead Or Alive
32 Battle Without Honor or Humanity Kill Bill: Vol. 1
33 Feelin Good Nina Simone
34 Walkin' On The Sun Smash Mouth
35 I Hate the TV Violent Femmes
36 Space and Time The Verve
37 You're A Big Girl Bob Dylan
38 Hitchin' A Ride Green Day
39 Move Over Janis Joplin
40 Somebody Told Me The Killers


At 11:14 AM, Blogger Whitney said...

"I Hate The TV" - the best 2 minute song since the early days of the Ramones. Love the Femmes.

At 12:32 AM, Blogger Jay said...

Agreed. I love the Femmes too. And the Ramones. :)

At 12:53 AM, Blogger Evan Brunell said...

Hola - Evan from Fire Brand here. I've moved to a new location ( Could you update your links and e-mail me (if you could include your URL please) to let me know it's changed? Thanks.

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